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Dirk Bach is an artist-scholar. His story-filled art has ranged from calligraphic abstractions, to cultural iconography, to brilliantly colored still lives, to personal visions cast against intricate patterns of grass, woven baskets, and oriental carpets. He has worked in almost every drawing and painting medium. He has been a professor of design and art history, an entertaining pianist, and an insatiable reader of books.

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The Story of Harley Krishna

The idea of combining animal and machine together in the same work led me to base the two entities on the famous couple of mythic India: Krishna and his consort Radha. The repetitive chant sung by contemporary adepts of the sect, "hare Krishna, hare Krishna ...", lends itself to the title of this series of ten Harley Krishna drawings, in which Mavis the dog becomes a nayika - a kind of lusty heroine who braves midnight storms and creepy jungles to meet her lover. It is dashing Krishna she is compelled to join - an avatar of Vishnu, which explains his blue color here transformed to the motorcycle.